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Kristen Yates - Owner

Hi!  I am the owner of The Cheer Connection.  Here's what I think you should know about me - I am a 45 year old mother of 4 kids, ages 17, 15, 11 and 10.  Whew, that makes me tired just saying it!  They keep me busy as you can imagine (I know a lot of you are right there with me).  So, many of you don't see my face all that often as I usually am working from home or come to the gym in the mornings.  I have owned the gym for 16 years now, I purchased The Cheer Connection in 1998 and Cheer Energy in 2000. 

Anyway, as far as my qualifications go, I was a gymnast all of my life and was the Texas State Gymnastics Champion at the age of 12.  I cheered through middle school and high school and then went on to cheer at TCU for 3 years.  I was on Staff for NCA and then judged for them for many years after graduating from TCU.  I have a Math degree with a Business minor.

I am just so extremely proud of what this gym is all about!  A cheer gym doesn't survive on what kind of facility you have, what skills the kids have when they walk in the door for the first time, what your uniform looks like and such.  It's all about who is teaching your kids and what they learn while they are a part of the gym.  Each of my staff members are just so amazing!  They all really love children and do such a great job with your kids!  They teach so much more than just cheerleading and tumbling.  I hope you and your kids get to know them and love them as much as I do! 

And, here's the rest of my incredibly Talented and Awesome Staff! 

Holly Rascoe - Head Coach of TCC Show Teams

I'm Holly Rascoe and I love teaching kids! I have been involved with competitive cheer for over 25 years! I was a TCU cheerleader, then I was the TCU cheer coach for 12 years. I was a UCA (Universal Cheerleaders Association) Instructor as well as an NCA (National Cheerleaders Association) Instructor. I also worked for a Christian company called SCORE (Sharing Christ Our Redeemer Everywhere) this is when I realized that cheerleading is my ministry! I opened one of the first all-star cheer gyms in the nation I sold it after 10 years because It was so big i could not run the gym and teach and I wanted to teach. I sold it to Kristen Yates and have been I working for her ever since! I have had the pleasure of choreographing nationals routines, and pep-rally routines for many high schools and middle schools in the Fort Worth area. Fort Worth Country Day, Trinity Valley, All-Saints, Aledo, Paschal, SouthWest High School, Southwest Christian, Pantego Christian, Lake Country Christian, Fort Worth Christian, Covenant Christian.
Trinity Christian, Calvary academy, Azle, Kennadale, Paradise, Eastern Hills, and Western Hills.

The highlight of my cheer career has been when we started our special needs team. we are now going into our third year! I have had the privilege of starting this team with the Shelley and Hadley Clayton. They are faithful to volunteer their time each week. This team makes you put things into perspective when you see the joy and excitement on their faces when they cheer. I never make it thru a competition without tears streaming down my face. If you ever get the chance to see them perform it will change your life!
In addition to cheer I teach spin classes and core classes at the Benbrook YMCA. I Attend Christ Chapel where I am a Women in the Word Bible Study Leader.
I married the TCU quarterback and we have one daughter who is 18. We live in Aledo on a ranchette where we have horses, dogs, chickens, cats and a snake! To sum it all up in 5 words....teaching cheer is my passion!!!

Adrian Hampton - Rec Cheer and Summer Camp Director & Head Coach of TCC Competitive Teams

Adrian is the Rec Cheer Director and Summer Camp Director at TCC as well as the head instructor for an Elite All-Star team.  She has been with us since 1999.  She is a wife and mother of 4 precious kids.  If you haven't ever seen Adrian jump, you've probably heard about it!  She was such a talented cheerleader (and probably still is).  Adrian actually cheered on an All-Star squad at TCC when she was in high school and then came back to work for us after cheering at UT-Austin for 4 years. 

Adrian won many awards throughout her cheer career including NCA & UCA Top Jumper, NCA All-American, UCA Staff Jump Winner, UCA & NCA Nationals Team Finalist, NCA Partner Stunt National Finalist and NCA All-Star Open Nationals Team Finalist.  Adrian was the Captain her Senior year at UT and took over the coaching duties of the squad that year as well.  She was a UCA staff member, head instructor and recruiter for many years.  Adrian has choreographed many National Championship routines for TCC as well as other local Ft. Worth area schools and was awarded the WOW Choreography Award at Texas Masters in 2007.

Adrian is a teacher at heart.  Not only with her own children and at TCC, but also with her church.  She is a strong Christian role-model and I am blessed to have someone like Adrian working with the teens at TCC!

Terrance Davis - All-Star Director & Head Coach of TCC Competitive Teams

What's up?! My name is T. I began my cheer career at Weatherford College, where I cheered for 2 years and was a member of their first ever competitive team, which went to NCA Nationals and placed 4th! Not too bad for a first showing! After WC, I was a manager at a cheer gym and was with them until they closed. I then found my way to TCC and I am proud to say I have been here since 2009. I have been a Head All-Star coach here since 2010 and every team I have ever coached has won a national championship. I have a passion for cheerleading and my ultimate goal is to leave a legacy and lasting love for the sport. I hold AACCA & USASF certification and I am knowledgable in all levels of cheer, from recreational on up through competitive and college. I take great pride in teaching all aspects of cheer and tumble and look forward to sharing my knowledge with your athletes!

Joanna Rogers - Tumbling Director & Head Coach of TCC Competitive Teams

Hello all! My name is Joanna Rogers and I am the Tumbling Director at TCC. I have been with TCC since September of 2012 while going to school full-time to receive my Bachelors of Business Administration at Tarleton State University.
I’ve been cheering practically since I could walk. I started my cheer career off as a mascot when I was 3 years old on a pee-wee cheerleading team and cheered every year at school until I graduated. I have cheered both competitively here at The Cheer Connection and on school teams and was honored with being the Cheer Captain all four years of high school as well as being selected as UCA All-Star 3 of those years.
As far as my gymnastics career, I started gymnastics at a very young age and grew to love the power tumbling aspect of it at age 8. By age 14 I was learning how to teach the sport and found my passion. I have been teaching tumbling since I was 16 and continue to learn something new every day.
As you can see, I’ve spent some time on both sides and I greatly enjoy what time I’ve spent here. I have learned a lot over the years and the passion derived from my practice is shown daily during my time training the students here at The Cheer Connection.